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Short bio

1987 May: Is born somewhere in Romania's region of Moldavia.
2006 October: Finishes High-school of Art and moves to Bucharest to study architecture at "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism.
2009 January: Got present his first D-SLR camera (Nikon d90) and initiates photography as a hobby.
2012 May: Had his famous editorial Canefora with Ramona Popescu, winner model of Romania Next Top Model 3rd edition.
2012 September: The hobby turns into a profession. Being an active photoshop retoucher, he lands his first job in Hi-Macs company.
2013 March: Graduates with success from the "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism.
2013 April: He moves to Phoenix for 6 months and visits California. At the same time he works with several clients, including professional model Luxbot Lächeln.
2013 July: Launches stelianpopa.ro, a personal portfolio.
2013 October: Shortly after his return in Romania he qualified as a finalist at Playboy "Capture Beauty" Contest.
2015 October: Visited Spain and work as an official photographer for an international models contest in Benidorm.
2016 May: Photography became a full-time profession and switched to full frame format, a Nikon D750.
2020 July: Purchases his first video camera, Sony NEX FS700, and initiates videography as a hobby.
Today: Is located in Bucharest, continuing his work.

Interviews & Features

Playboy Romania (Backstage photos of "Playboy Capture Beauty" and featured my contest work in Playboy Magazine Dec 2013, date: November of 2013. read article)
ScorpioJin (Featured portfolio on website, date: December of 2013, view featured photos)
LUCY'S Magazine (Published in volume: #2, date: February of 2014, visit issue, view editorial)
NIF Magazine (Exclusive webiditorial for NIF website, date: June of 2014, view editorial)
NIF Magazine (Exclusive webiditorial for NIF website, date: October of 2014, view editorial)
Bisous Magazine (Webitorial for Bisous website, date: December of 2014, view editorial)
C-Heads Magazine (Article about my project called "Hellow Kitty" and featured photoshoot with Diana and Leia, date: May of 2017, read article)
Dark Beauty Magazine (Online featured on website and social media platforms, date: July of 2017, view photo)
McGlory Fashon Magazine (Published in volume: #4, date: October of 2017, view issue)
BeGudd Magazine (Published in volume: #3, date: December of 2018, view issue)
FMDR Magazine (Published in volume: #3, date: March of 2021, view issue)
Malvie Magazine (Published in Main Issue volume: #32, date: November of 2022, view issue)
Selin Magazine (Published in Issue 22 volume: #10, date: November of 2022, view issue)
Euronews Romania (Interview for "Arta de a fi", date: March of 2023, view episode)


2008: Group exhibition "People in various situations" award among the 10 best works.
2009: Group exhibition "Shoot! ... Bucharest in photos" by Metropotam.ro.
2009: Group exhibition in Fabrica Club during concerts by bands Astero and Pretoria.
2009: Participation in exhibition at F64 store.


2008: 1st winner of contest "Balcoane" by Metropotam.ro
2008: Popularity award at contest "Luna lui Cuptor" Metropotam.ro.
2008: 3rd prize at contest "Copii" by Fotopedia.ro
2010: Winner of contest "Ziua EPSON la F64".
2010: 2nd prize at contest "Imagini in miscare" by Fotopedia.ro
2011: 1st prize and winner of a LOMO Fisheye2 at contest organized by G2B.
2013: Finalist of Playboy "Capture Beauty" and featured in Playboy Magazine Dec 2013.

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